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Copyright Release Form
For good and valuable consideration the exchange of which is hereby acknowledged, I
grant The American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) a non-exclusive license to use my
copyrighted Work, including any text, brochures, drawings, photographs, graphics, plans,
slides, books, transparencies or other copyrightable material (the “Work”) identified on
page 2 of this form and submitted in connection with the 2010 AIA Edward C. Kemper
This license shall include the right to use, modify, reproduce, publicly display, distribute
and transmit worldwide the Work during the full term of the copyright in all media, now
known or hereafter devised, including the Internet, without payment of any royalty or
license fee, as follows:
In connection with the announcement of any awards under the awards program and
the promotion of the awards program itself;
In connection with the AIA’s efforts to educate architects, other professionals, and the
public about architecture, the AIA, or any matter pertaining to the AIA’s corporate
purpose, goals or mission, through various media, including, but not limited to paper,
electronic, video, audio, or other media whether or not now known, invented, used or
I acknowledge that all copies of the Works submitted in connection with any entry shall
remain the property of the AIA. The AIA agrees to include in reproductions of the
Works a reasonable copyright notice and credits provided that the necessary copyright
and credit information is noted below.
Credit: ________________________________________________
Copyright notice: __________________________________________
By submitting this Copyright Release Form, I represent that I have obtained all
permissions necessary to grant the rights granted by this form and that use or
reproduction of the Work by AIA, as permitted by this Copyright Release Form, shall not
infringe or violate any copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, rights of privacy or any other
statuary or common law proprietary or other rights.
I agree that any royalties or license fee charged for use of this Work shall be paid by the
Entrant and not the AIA.
Copyright Release Form
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