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1. These provisions govern the use of Critical Energy Infrastructure Information
(CEII) provided to an individual who files a request for access to CEII pursuant to
18 C.F.R. § 388.113.
2. Definitions - For purposes of these provisions:
a. The term "CEII Coordinator" refers to the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission official designated as Critical Energy Infrastructure
Information Coordinator, with delegated authority under 18 C.F.R. §
375.313 to make determinations with respect to requests for CEII.
b. The terms "non-disclosure agreement" and "NDA" mean this agreement by
which requesters certify their understanding that access to CEII is provided
pursuant to the terms and restrictions of these provisions, and that such
requesters have read the provisions and agree to be bound by them.
c. The term "Recipient" means someone who is approved to receive CEII in
accordance with the provisions of 18 C.F.R. § 388.113.
3. A Recipient may only discuss CEII with another Recipient of the identical CEII.
A Recipient may check with the CEII Coordinator to determine whether another
individual is a Recipient of the identical CEII.
4. If any Recipient submits information to the Commission that includes CEII
obtained under these provisions, portions of the filing containing CEII must be
submitted in accordance with 18 C.F.R. § 388.112(b).
5. A Recipient of CEII may use CEII as foundation for advice provided to others, but
may not disclose CEII to another individual unless that individual is an approved
Recipient of the same CEII.
6. A Recipient will not knowingly use CEII for an illegal or non-legitimate purpose.
Critical Energy Infrastructure General Non Disclosure Agreement
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