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The Customer Satisfaction Survey Template is the research designed for surveying the satisfaction of the clients about the services or programs. With just ten questions, this survey template has both open-ended questions and closed-ended questions, and these questions almost cover all the critical aspects. You can use this template as the example and modify or imitate it. This file is free to download.

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Sample client satisfaction questions
The following is provided as a guide for surveying clients about their satisfaction with your
services or programs. You can do a satisfaction survey for your whole organisation or for a
specific aspect. You may have additional questions you also wish to seek feedback on.
Satisfaction with services accessed or received
1. In the past 12 months, how frequently have you accessed or received services
from our organisation?
o Weekly
o Monthly
o Every 3-6 months
o Every 6 months or less
2. Which of the following services have you received or accessed?
o [insert a list of the services/programs you provide for respondents to select
3. How would you rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of the services
you have received or accessed?
Satisfied Unsatisfied Very
Not sure
Quality of
m and
courtesy of
Timeliness of
awareness of
this service
4. How satisfied are you overall with the services you received or accessed in the
past 12 months?
o Very satisfied
o Satisfied
o Unsatisfied
o Very unsatisfied
o Not sure
5. What did you like most about the services you received or accessed?
Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
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