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Curriculum Vitae
Name: Gry Synnevåg
Nationality: Norwegian
Date of birth: March 20, 1952
Present position:
Associate Professor, Department for
International Environment and Development
Studies, (Noragric)
UMB Norwegian University of Life
Address: P.O. Box 5003, N-1432 AAS,
Phone/Direct phone/Fax: (+ 47) 64 96 52
00 / (+ 47) 64 96 53 22 / (+ 47) 64 96 52 01
Mobile: 0047 41632223
E-mail address: gry.synnevag
Presently, senior researcher at Noragric, Dept of International Environment and Development Studies,
University of Life Sciences, Norway.
30 years working experience in applied research, teaching, assignments and consultancies with focus on
rural development, agriculture, food- and livelihood security, sustainable use and management of natural
resources in a climate change perspective, institutional and community development, mainly in the semi
arid, food insecure and conflict affected areas of Africa and Asia. Special competence on regions and
countries: West Africa: Mali, Niger Eastern Africa: Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan. Central Asia:
Afghanistan, Nepal.
Extensive leadership and management experience from academic institutions, civil society organizations
in Norway and in developing countries. Member in several national and international boards. Extensive
field experience from Mali and Afghanistan, and extensively used as consultant for different international
organizations, NORAD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for project evaluations and reviews, training
workshops, short term studies, project planning, implementation and monitoring.
Main vision: Bridging gaps, and create synergy between different stakeholders to improve relevance,
impact and sustainability of research and development activities, projects and programmes, to improve
food security and livelihoods. Thematic fields of interest: the relief and long term development
continuum, participatory, interdisciplinary and multi stakeholder approaches, mainstreaming of socio-
economic and gender variables into agricultural research and development.
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