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CMYK Color Charts
In attempting to tackle the minor difficulties associated with calibrating colors between
my head, swatch book, monitor, printer, and press, I decided that I should at least be
able to match colors between my printer and itself. Upon setting out to locate
color charts that might be suited for this purpose, I found only Pantone
and those were adjusted for specific output devices. Although the thought of creating
14,000 or so uniquely-colored squares seemed rather daunting, I figured that I and
others would be able to make sufficient use out of them to justify the task (and don’t
think I didn’t use shortcuts where I could).
How to use these charts
My explanation will undoubtably confuse you more than just trusting your intuition on
this one, but here’s how the charts are laid out. All of the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
components are represented in combinations of 10% increments from 0 to 100.
Each of the eleven pages has a unique Yellow value across all swatches, as indicated
at the top of the page. The pages have an eleven by eleven grid made up of 121 sets of nine
swatches. Each set of nine has a unique CMY value, as indicated by the vertical axis (C),
the horizontal axis (M), and the title of the page (Y). The black value is represented within
the nine swatches from 0 to 80% only (see chart at top).
So, in this abbreviated example from the Yellow 50% page, the
selected red square has a value of C0 M100 Y50 K40.
The selected teal square has a value of C100 M0 Y50 K20.
Other stuff
Use these charts as you see fit, but I do not make any guarantees or
assume responsibility for how they will behave with your technology. If you find them
useful or invaluable and would like to contribute to my eating or rent funds, please send
what you feel they’re worth. I can also provide the original EPSF documents. Enjoy…
Scott Tesler
945 Taraval Street, #307
San Francisco, CA 94116
M 0%
C 0%
30 40 50
60 70 80
K value
Yellow Page Title
Cyan Vertical Axis
Magenta Horizontal Axis
Black (see chart)
Cymk Color Chart
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