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Demand Letter Sample gives a good sample of Demand Letter. A demand letter is usually to request the money payment by the customers. This file offers a detailed introduction to the demand letter and gives two typical samples for different situations. You can read the instructions part to get a general knowledge of the demand letter. You can also choose a sample meeting your demands and download to modify.

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Demand Letters
One of the most widely-used methods of collection on a past due account begins with a demand
letter. Depending on your current relationship with a customer, your intent to maintain that
relationship, and other factors should weigh in when sending a demand letter. Remember, this is just
a sample, and if you want to ensure you are using effective and appropriate legal wording, please
consult with your corporate attorney before sending a demand letter.
If you’re just looking for some inspiration to get you started or wondered what other credit pros
are using here are some quick examples. We think it’s extremely important to pay attention to the
language you use, and here’s why: Would you say the same thing to a customer with whom you’d
like to maintain a relationship versus a final demand letter that asks for payment in full and ends the
Exactly. Both demand letters, but two different tones. And here are some of our suggestions on how
to make that happen.
Also, it is important to note one significant fact: Creditors almost always send letters when they want
payment, but they rarely send letters of appreciation to customers within terms. To change the
image of a credit manager in the minds of your customers, you may want to consider sending
“Thank You for your Payment” letters, especially to first time customers, so they know you
appreciate their efforts to stay current from the get-go.
Demand Letter Sample
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