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, MO
Rent Amount: $
Deposit Amount: $
Commencement Date:
Tenants permitted to reside in premises
IN CONSIDERATION of this lease (“Lease”), Tenants deposit $_______.00, minimum
deposit to secure against damage and/or vacation of premises without notice or before
expiration of term. The deposit amount, less amounts applied as provided, will be refunded
at the Landlord’s option provided none of the conditions of this lease are broken by
Tenants. Tenant may
The term of the Lease is for twelve (12) months, beginning on ________, _____, and
terminating on __________, 201__. Tenants must give notice at least Sixty (60) days before
the last day of the term of intent to vacate if the Premises is to be vacated at Lease
Termination. After the initial term and absent notice, this Lease shall be a month to month
tenancy, and Tenants must give notice at least Sixty (60) days’ before a rent payment date
(first of month) of intent to vacate by that rent payment date.
apply the deposit as the last month's rent.
If the following conditions are not complied with, Tenants are in default and Landlord has
the right to immediate possession of the Premises and may exclude Tenants from the
Premises. One or more waivers of default by Landlord do not constitute Landlord’s waiver
of subsequent default:
1) Rent shall be paid monthly, in advance, on the first day of each month.
2) Failure to pay rent within five (5) days of the due date shall result, at Landlord’s
option, in immediate termination of Lease. Landlord's damages for late payment are difficult
to determine and Tenant shall pay a liquidated damage charge of $10.00 per day for any rent
accepted after the 5
day of the month and interest of 1.5% per month on past due
3) Premises shall be used as living quarters only and shall not be used for any unlawful
or immoral purpose, or so as to constitute a nuisance. Tenant shall
4) Tenants agree not to permit the Premises, including woodwork, floors, walls or any
fixtures or furnishings contained therein to be damaged or depreciated in any manner, over
and above ordinary wear and tear, and to pay for the loss, breakage, or damage thereto.
Tenants agree that no
be permitted to
have any pets.
tacks, nails or screws shall be driven into the walls or woodwork ,
except a modest number of "traditional" picture hangers using small (e.g., 1") brads (no
mollies etc.) in drywall but not in woodwork. Tenant must obtain Landlord's prior written
consent to install any satellite or cable TV wiring or equipment, and in no case will the
installation or equipment attachments penetrate the brick or roof.
Duplex Lease Agreement
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