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A Long History, In Short
Eco Options began life as in 1994 “Darwin Skylights”, a small skylight and ventilation
installation business, operating as a one-man show. As Darwin realised the value of these
products, the business grew with demand and family members became involved. By 2002,
we incorporated a company named Lighthouse (NT) Pty Limited, which is our parent
company to this day. Our dedication to providing Top End residents with access to greener
products led to a name change in 2005… Eco Options was born, the name encompassing
the business direction and environment mandate that had become our point of difference.
A Reliable, Professional Team With The Experience You Need
Eco Options now operates with a team of four fulltime employees. Mother and son
team, Aileen Blyth and Simon Moyle lead the company as Directors, with Simon
doubling as Projects Manager, ensuring quality control and support for the tradesman
and trades assistant.
All site workers certified to Work Safely At Heights and hold White Cards.
Processes are now in place to enable supply anywhere in the Northern Territory and
northern Western Australia.
And if you’re still concerned about our experience, here’s a list of some of our recent projects
in both product and service:
Tiwi Retirement Village supply and install skylights and ventilation to every unit
Charles Darwin University supply of Modwood to various builders
Darwin Public Hospital skylights
Bellamack subdivision Modwood decking used for surrounding fence
Stokes Hill Wharf eatery area Modwood decking
Parap Tavern - Modwood
Kormilda College skylights
NT Link E-therm insulation and Modwood for the transportable homes they build
Halikos Group Modwood for 130 Esplanade decks, skylights for various projects
Sunbuild Modwood for Evolution decks
Quality Plumbing Building Contractors skylights for renovation of public housing
in Nightcliff/Coconut Grove about 100 units
Rapana Building Various jobs on Tiwi Island
John Holland P/L Modwood decking and screening for Sky City new building
Our management team, including our leading tradesman, has been together for over ten
years now. This provides comfort and confidence that the high standards for which we are
sort are deeply ingrained as a part of our work culture. But please, don’t take our word for it.
We understand that every decision you are making right now is vital… so we’ve included
a collection of testimonials and references on the following pages for you to peruse.
(work in progress)
You will also find following a copies of our OH&S and Environmental Policies, which are
clearly on display in our office.
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