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The Long And The Short
If you would like to:
Maximise the energy efficiency of your building projects;
Improve on human comfort levels; and
Finish up with stylish, contemporary features that you’ll be
showing off well into the future,
then you need to contact us now.
Lighthouse (NT) Pty Ltd trading as Eco Options
Unit 11-13, 10 Witte Street, Winnellie NT 0820
PO Box 39045, Winnellie NT 0821
Phone 08 89474373, Fax 08 89477113
Email ad[email protected]
We Guarantee You Won’t Regret It
When you choose Eco Options, we choose to ensure your satisfaction. In fact, if you are not
satisfied with our service for any reason, we will do everything humanly possible to correct
the situation and we won’t give in.
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