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Meeting agenda and minutes template
Meetings are vital for management and communication.
Properly run meetings save time, increase motivation and productivity, and solve problems.
They create new ideas and initiatives, achieve buy-in and diffuse conflict in a way that emails
and memos cannot.
Hold meetings, even if it's difficult to justify the time.
Plan, run and follow up meetings properly, and they will repay the cost many times over because
there is still no substitute for physical face-to-face meetings.
Hold meetings to manage teams and situations, and to achieve your objectives quicker,
easier, at less cost.
Hold effective meetings to make people happier and more productive.
What to do
Use the Meeting agenda and minutes template to record your planning and the meeting
1. Confirm and note the meeting arrangements - meeting objective, logistics and people involved.
2. Plan and document your meeting agenda - topic, speaker, time allowed.
Planning a thoughtful agenda with tasks and processes that engage group members will help
create more effective meetings and good results. Refer to Tips below.
3. Record discussion and decisions - discussion points, actions arising, responsibilities and
dates committed.
4. Prioritise actions and look forward.
The final step is to organise all this information in such a way that it not only ends the most
recent meeting but also becomes the foundation for beginning the planning of the next meeting.
Tips for planning your meeting agenda
Easy decisions first: it helps get people comfortable to start off with some easy
Hard, controversial and urgent decisions next: decisions that require a lot of
discussion and/or energy should happen next, before people start to get tired.
Moderate, non-controversial decisions follow: decisions that are of some
importance but which most people will agree on should come last. People’s
energy may be low, and it is good to end the meeting on a positive note if
Effective Meeting Agenda And Minutes Example
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