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A content calendar is an essential tool to plan your email marketing
campaigns for the coming year. The benefit of using the calendar
format, rather than just a long list of content to be published, is that you
can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year. This
allows you to:
The further ahead you plan your email marketing content the better
placed you are to produce a consistent flow of content that builds
your brand’s expertise in your chosen subject areas. Looking at the
year ahead, you might see several industry or world events that you
want to plan content around – the content calendar is a place to
store and manage this information.
Make a note of key events in your industry and your own events
Plan around seasonal events, such as Christmas or Easter
Ensure you are creating a variety of content throughout the year
Make sure to include your deadlines for everyone in the team
Plan ahead so that content creation isn’t always a last minute rush
Also include specific themes, potential headlines and subject lines
Think about aims and potential target groups beforehand to
ensure efficiency
Don’t forget first drafts and final deadlines
The ultimate email marketing content calendar
Why you absolutely need this:
What you definitely need to include:
Plan content around key events in your industry or important dates
See where you have gaps in your content plan, with plenty of time
to line up more content
Make sure you have your content ready to publish
In this calendar we already included some holidays and
interesting days that you can use to build your content
around. And every month has a little tip to get your
inspiration flowing.
Are you ready? Let’s get started!
Email Marketing Content Calendar
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