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**Please read carefully and return ALL requested materials**
 Read the Job Qualifications and Job Descriptions for which you are applying.
 On the top, right portion of the form, write in the position that interests you.
(If you are applying for multiple positions, please fill out a separate Application for
each position.)
 Complete, in full, the Employment Application Form.
 Complete the upper portion of the Letter of Recommendation form by checking
the appropriate CLAS coordinator. For “Position” write “tutor” or “intake assistant.”
For “discipline” write the subject or area you would like to tutor (for example,
“biology” or “writing”; leave space blank for “Intake Assistant”).
 Take the letter of recommendation form to a professor or staff person who will
provide an assessment of your abilities. Return the letter of recommendation with the
application (however, the professor or staff person can send in the recommendation
separately please indicate on Application form.)
 Obtain an Unofficial Transcript (printable version from GOLD is acceptable).
Attach it to your application.
If you have a Work Study Allocation, please indicate on the application. (All CLAS
student employees are encouraged to check with Financial Aid to determine if they
qualify for (additional) work study monies.)
Writing Tutor Applicants: Please include an Academic Writing Sample with your
Please Note
 All employees must attend mandatory orientation meetings and training sessions.
(Dates and times will be specified during the interview process.)
Application Deadlines
Please note the priority application deadline(s) for the different program(s) and
Deadline for: _____________________ is _________________.
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Employee Application Template
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