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Employee get together invitation letter
The Employee
Apollo Management
Solow Building
Ney York
United States
Date: 30
April 2014
Subject: Employees quarterly get together on 17
May 2014
Dear Employees,
This is a personal invitation to you for the quarterly employee meeting which will be
held on 17
May 2014, Saturday at Hotel Mount from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M.
The agenda of the meeting is to discuss the success and development of the
company in the last quarter and to appreciate the employee contribution. The top
management team and board of directors of the company will be our guest of honor
and will convey their gratitude for the contribution in the growth of the company. So,
this event will be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with the business
This is an official party so you are requested to come in formals and maintain the
ethics in the party. You are allowed to bring one family member (but not kids), so that
they would also be aware of the growth of your company and your contribution to it.
You are request to please confirm your visit in advance to Mr. Thomas. You can
contact him on 9999-999999 or you can also confirm your visit via mail at
We are looking forward for your presence in the get together to make it a great event.
Nancy Mathew
Management Team
Apollo Management
Employee Get Together Invitation Letter Template
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