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TO: Employee cc: . Lead
SUBJECT: Work Performance Expectations
The purpose of this memo is to provide you with a road map to success in
the ………department. You should refer to these work performance expectations
frequently. While I am your supervisor, …… will be your Lead. She is responsible for
providing you with day-to-day direction, as well as coordinating other duties within the
By way of this memorandum, I have identified some critical areas where your position as
an Job Title, plays a critical role to the success of Dept In less than two weeks
you will receive a detailed job description that will outline your roles and responsibilities in
all the support areas identified above OR attached you will find a copy of your job
description for your review and reference (whichever applies). The list below is by no
means all inclusive, and only represents a few key areas that require your focus and
attention. Further areas may be identified and will be communicated to you as
Confidentiality This is first and foremost the most important job expectation you
have while working inDept Your ability to be discreet and handle confidential
information with the greatest of sensitivity is critical to your success. This includes all
verbal and written communications. Not only do we have an ethical responsibility to
protect this information, but more importantly, we are legally required to safeguard it at
all times. If you have any questions or concerns about what is or isn’t confidential,
please do not hesitate to obtain clarification.
Training You will receive training in all areas of your job responsibility and any new
tasks that you are assigned. Please take notes, refer to the procedures, conduct
research if necessary, and ask questions.
Working Relations You are to conduct yourself with professionalism and respect at
all times. Display courtesy and cooperativeness at all times towards colleagues,
students, faculty, alumni, community members, and administrators, when carrying out
your job duties. Your interactions with others must be collegial and help create a
positive work environment. Your communications are expected to be pleasant and
accurate. Do not feel obligated to guess, but rather tell the person you will get back to
Employee Performance Memo Template
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