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The Employee Satisfaction Survey is a template of research the satisfaction of the staff. At the beginning of the questionnaire, there is the heading of the survey for the accurate information of the staff. Then there are the instructions on how to answer this questionnaire. Then it comes to the specific content of this survey. The whole survey has thirty-three questions, and these questions are very detailed. This file is offered for free.

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30. What do you like best about our organization?
(Mark up to 3 choices)
_____ a. Nothing
_____ b. Benefits
_____ c. Co-employees
_____ d. Supervisors and Managers
_____ e. Clients/Consumers
_____ f. The mission and service goals
_____ g. The tasks I do for my job
_____ h. Opportunity for personal or
professional growth
_____ i. Location
_____ j. Work atmosphere
_____ k. Training and development
_____ l. Pay rate/salary
_____ m. Job variety
_____ n. Flexible hours/Schedule
_____ o. Recognition for a job well done
_____ p. Work is rewarding
_____ q. Other (specify)
31. What could our organization do differently to help
you in your job? (Mark up to three choices)
_____ a. Nothing
_____ b. My supervisor/manager could be more
_____ c. Improve training and support for
_____ d. Increase wages
_____ e. Improve access to paid time off
_____ f. Improve access to benefits (health,
dental, retirement)
_____ g. Clarify and communicate organization
_____ h. Empower me to participate in
decisions that affect my work
_____ i. Provide more or better training
_____ j. Reduce conflict between co-
employees/ improve team building
_____ k. Improve supervisor/employee relations
_____ l. Address low morale of workforce
_____ m. Improve scheduling policies and
_____ n. Improve communication between main
office and program sites
_____ o. Improve communication between
supervisors/managers and other staff
_____ p. Increase number of staff members in
my work site
_____ q. Improve recognition and feedback
_____ r. Improve orientation for new employees
_____ s. Increase opportunities for advancement
_____ t. Reduce vacancy rate and turnover
_____ u. Other (specify)
32. What are the top factors making you want to leave
our organization? (Mark up to three choices)
_____ a. Low wages or benefits
_____ b. Conflicts with coworkers
_____ c. Not enough hours/Schedule
_____ d. Job is too stressful, difficult or
_____ e. Our organization’s focus or mission
has changed for the worse
_____ f. Demands of my other job/primary
_____ g. Lack of opportunities for professional
growth or advancement
_____ h. Personal reasons
_____ i. Relocating out of area
_____ j. Conflict or with supervisor or manager
_____ k. Favoritism, lack of fairness
_____ l. Lack of staff
_____ m. Too much criticism/Lack of support
_____ n. Challenges with consumers
_____ o. Poor Training
_____ p. None of the above
_____ q. Other (specify)
33. What makes you want to stay at our organization?
(Mark up to 3 choices)
_____ a. Nothing
_____ b. Benefits
_____ c. Co-workers
_____ d. Supervisors and Managers
_____ e. I like the consumers
_____ f. The consumers like/appreciate me
_____ g. The mission and service goals
_____ h. The tasks or activities I do for my job
_____ i. Opportunity for personal or
professional growth
_____ j. Location
_____ k. Work atmosphere
_____ l. Training and development
_____ m. Pay rate/salary
_____ n. Job variety
_____ o. Flexible hours/Schedule
_____ p. Recognition for a job well done
_____ q. Work is rewarding
_____ r. The staff members are team players
_____ s. This is a good company to work for
_____ t. Other (specify)
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