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To: Employee
From Direct Supervisor
Re: Final Warning
As we have discussed previously on several occasions, I have serious concerns
regarding your (punctuality and attendance, quality of work, interpersonal skills,
using paid time to conduct personal business, etc.). Over the past (weeks,
months, stated time period), you have (state the violation), without any approval
to do other than what we have previously agreed to as acceptable behavior.
As I have stated to you in our previous meetings, this behavior (compromises the
service we provide our parishioners, is disruptive, does not further our
Parish/organization in a manner consistent with our Catholic Faith, indicates your
unwillingness to comply with our standards, etc.) continues to be unacceptable.
These concerns regarding your job performance have been addressed several
times (verbally or hopefully, in writing) but, unfortunately, the situation has not
improved and is now becoming critical and cannot continue. Effective
immediately, you are expected to (state what is expected). Failure to do so will
result in termination of your employment at the parish. Please do not hesitate to
see me if you have any questions regarding this memo or your performance
____________________ __________
(Pastor / Supervisor) (Date)
Receipt Acknowledged
____________________ __________
(Signature of Employee) (Date)
Employee Warning Memo Template
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