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Commercial Lease (Reference #:___________)
Effective Date of this Agreement: [Date] (the “Effective Date”)
This Agreement is by and between [Lessor’s full legal name] (“Lessor”)
([Lessor’s abbreviated name]),
a [State], [Corporation / Partnership / Sole Proprietorship]
located at [Address],
AND [Company Legal Name], [Company/abbreviated name]), (“Lessee”)
a [State], [Corporation / Partnership / Sole Proprietorship],
located at [Address]
[City], [State] [Zip Code]
A. This is an agreement (the “Agreement” or the "Lease") to lease real property according
to the terms specified below.
B. The Lessee and Lessor are herein referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively
as “Parties.”
C. The Facilitator is the agent that has initiated or facilitated this Agreement, in part or in
IN CONSIDERATION OF the Lessor leasing and the Lessee renting the Leased Premises
(hereinafter defined), both Parties agree to keep, perform and fulfill the promises, conditions and
agreements below:
1. Leased Premises
The Lessor leases to the Lessee a portion of the Premises (the “Leased Premises,” hereinafter
defined) that is exactly 28 x 84 inches (rectilinear). The Premises are herein referred to as that
certain property more commonly known as [insert street address, with suite/apt ______________]
(“Premises”). The Leased Premises are more particularly described as follows: [location of leased
rectangle within premises].
2. Term
The term (the "Term") of the Lease is a periodic tenancy of a one year duration commencing at
12:00 noon on the tenth (10
) day of [Month], 20__, ending on the ninth (9
) day of [Month],
20__, and automatically continuing on a year-to-year basis unless and until the Lessor or the
Lessee exercises the termination provisions set forth herein to terminate the tenancy.
3. Payable Rent
Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the adjusted monthly rent (the “Payable Rent”) to be
paid by Lessee to Lessor pursuant to the terms herein for the Leased Premises is [$__].
Enterprise Sub Lease Agreement Sample
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