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Entry Level Firefighter Resume
Kyle Minogue
125 Pony Ave| Oklahoma City, OK 63535 | (999) 019-9999 | Email
Eager to save life and property
Four years of experience working as a Firefighter
• Hands on experience in performing fire suppression duties
• In depth knowledge of assisting in suppressing different types of fires by using appropriate
extinguishing agents
• Highly skilled in operating fire control equipment and performing salvaging operations
Hazard Identification
Scenes Survey
Victim Stabilization
Distress Minimization
Specialized Equipment
Immediate Rescue
Attention to Detail
• Achieved success in controlling a particularly wild fire at a local gas station by employing quick
thinking and strategizing immediate fire suppression plans
• Promoted from apprentice to firefighter in under three months following excellent in providing
auxiliary services to the team
City of OklahomaOklahoma, OK
Firefighter | January 2010 Present
• Respond to fire alarms and rush to the scene of the fire
• Apply stream of water to suppress fire where appropriate
• Use extinguishing agents to suppress fire where needed
• Create ventilation openings in buildings to let in air for survivors
• Assist paramedics in providing CPR and first aid services
• Administer other medical care to injured people
City of OklahomaOklahoma, OK
Firefighter Apprentice | November 2009 January 2010
• Managed maintenance on water hoses and nozzles
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment and tools
• Managed inventory and supplies as instructed
• Provided office assistance in terms of correspondence and other paperwork
St. Peter’s College Oklahoma City, OK
Associates Degree in Fire Science 2009
• Excellent physical dexterity
• Well honed judgment
• Exceptional problem solving and decision making skills
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing
• “Can do” attitude
Entry Level Firefighter Resume
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