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This file is a detailed estimate template of a company, which can be used to create project estimate plan. This template not only include the estimate of time and money cost, but it also evaluates the quality of the project by setting some related questions and answer. Finally, it also provides a timetable to follow up the process of the project. For each part, the template offers the detailed format that you can refer to. Download it and modify to meet your needs.

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1. Fill in the project and customer details on this worksheet (0.Instructions and Summary info)
2. Use either the activity/deliverable based estimations on sheet 1A OR the use case based estimations on 1B (use case based
gives a rougher estimate for early stage estimations)
3. Use the resource planning sheet 2 to see how much time you need and for how many weeks, you will also have to see how
many hours you need from different kind of resources (e.g. PM, Off-shore, Tech spec., senior consultant, consultant).
Remember that NO resource can register all their working hours to a project every week (that is just realistic in shorter periods
of time)! Some activities do also take a longer calendar time than it takes man time (e.g. printshop configuration). Use this sheet
to get an overall estimation on how realistic the time plan is. Do you need to keep some resources in the project to have them
updated and make sure that they can plan for activities later on in the project - or to be available after go live etc to ensure that
the first live runs are correct? Capture this in the resource planning!
4. Make sure that the estimations in 1A OR 1B are the same as in the resource planning sheet! (adjust one or the other to
achieve this!)
5. Use the sheet "3. Validation of plan" to self-check the quality of your plan!
6. When the project is running, you can make copies for e.g. every week of your plan (this spreadsheet) and also use the "4.
Resource tracking (actual)" to register time to your project for follow up purposes.
Project and customer details
Instructions and guidelines
Estimate Template
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