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Stewardship Training Meeting
1. Purpose of Meeting
v To train committed individuals on effective Stewardship education for their parish
which will include messages of:
X Invitation to fuller participation.
X Ownership of the parish.
X Care of each other through parish support.
X Help parishioners see the connection between parish family/God’s
family/own family.
2. Objective of the Stewardship Program
v To increase participation in parish ministries by calling forth every person’s gifts.
v To encourage registration by all parishioners so the parish registry reflects all
parish members.
v To inform and communicate the impact full membership in a parish will have on
each individual’s life and the lives of the entire parish community.
v To create a joyous, social experience that celebrates the generous spirit of the
parish community.
3. Outline of Stewardship Education Process
v Identification of District Team Leaders (yourselves).
v Training of District Team Leaders.
v Training of Area Coordinators/Home Visitors.
v Special Stewardship Focused Liturgies at each parish, led by members of the
District Team.
v Home Visits to Parishioners with Materials for commitment / registration etc.
v Fiesta-party held at each parish.
v Focus group meeting with District Team Leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of
the process.
v Archdiocesan recognition of participants.
4. Mass Responsibilities for the District Team Leaders
v Be there at the beginning of Mass to Welcome.
v Act as Readers / Eucharistic Ministers.
v Speak at the homily or as an after communion reflection on your personal stewardship journey or
v Lead the parishioners in the stewardship song.
v Act as co-hosts to the potluck lunch following Mass.
v Speak at the potluck lunch again sharing a stewardship experience or challenge.
5. Public Speaking Training
v Refer to Handout.
Example Education and Training Meeting Agenda
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