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Field Placement Introductory Letter
Drexel University - School of Education
Dr. Elizabeth L. Haslam
Education Field Coordinator
The requirement to write an Introductory Letter to your Cooperating Teacher
accomplishes several things:
1. You will be helping your Cooperating Teacher learn more about you;
2. The letter will help you to articulate your background, experience, teaching
strengths, interests, credentials, teaching goals and teaching philosophy and
can be included in your teaching portfolio for future job interviews.
Begin your first draft by brainstorming your ideas. This activity will help you to
include relevant aspects you may not initially think of.
Your letter should probably include (but is not limited to) the following items:
Begin with your name, where you are from (along with other career
experience), and where you are in your Drexel studies/program;
Give background experience in teaching, coaching, and/or tutoring, along
with specific projects, accomplishments, and interests developing out of these
Briefly describe your strengths (disciplinary, skills, talents) as they relate to
teaching and learning; and
Conclude with teaching goals and longer term plans.
This letter represents you as a student from Drexel University. Be sure to write
and edit at least two drafts before submitting it.
Example of Letter of Introduction
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