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This file is a sample agenda of a training program. It shows the contents in a form from four aspects, including activity, estimate time, method and resource. It presents the main ideas and topics to be covered in the training. Besides, it also records the detailed information of each activity. To create a detailed and comprehensive training agenda, you can download the sample and to fill your contents in the corresponding area. As for the contents filling, you can also refer to the example in the sample.

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Using the Independent Living Curriculum and Planning Volunteer Training
Workshop/Training Title: How is my Driving? Warning Signs and Alternatives
Location: Greenville Community Center, Room 14 Date: August 30, 2010 Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Facilitator: Rose Chan, Volunteer Coordinator Expected Number of Participants: 18-20
Activity (Outline) Estimate
d time
Method Resources (speaker,
materials, handouts)
Welcome 5 min. Facilitator explains her role and
background with program.
PowerPoint slide 1
Coffee and snacks
Learning objectives: Participants will:
1. Understand how aging can affect driving
2. Identify warning signs that driving may not
be safe
3. Understand local transportation
alternatives and how they work
5 min. Provide overview and
PowerPoint slide 2
Warm-up and introductions
Ice-breaker: Stand up if you ...
(e.g. speak more than one language; have
grandchildren, can do the cha-cha-cha)
15 min. Go around the room for
introductions – name, where you
are from, and your best driving tip.
Content- Older Drivers: myths and realities
Main points:
Aging eventually causes slowdown in reflexes and
response time (possible side effects of
medications; hearing and vision impairment;
memory and concentration).
Warning signs that driver should stop driving
20 min. Lecture and large group discussion
Callout: What are some things you
have seen or experienced, or heard
about regarding elderly drivers that
concerned you?
PowerPoint slides 3-5
Blackboard or chart
for writing
Warning signs checklist
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Example of Training Agendas
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