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Crew Run Sheet
update 2/15/06
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When Who Action Notes
Preshow Lacey Complete Preset Checklist: furniture, prop tables, food
Lisa Clothes dry, given to Actors, or set off stage. Korean food
Lewis Vaccume & sweep, Charge Glotape, blue lights on SR
Lewis Menu Down/Onstage
Lewis Black Sliders Onstage
Lewis Clean Table
Lewis SR wall closed to blue
Lewis Check glass & Stage border: repair or clean as needed
Lisa SL wall closed to blue
Cafeteria Lacey Enter DSR in top of show b/o; set Helen's bag & plates Q from SM
(First Scene) Lisa Give Kate (Helen) her Q to enter Q from SM
Lacey Say "Clear" when past SL slider
Lewis Give Tyler his Q to enter Q from SM
Lisa Catch Tray from Helen DSL
Lacey Cheat couch from DSL wing onto DSL
Transition Lisa Pull SL Cubicle Open to 3 White Q for SHIFT to start
Cafeteria into Lewis Pull SR Cubicle Open to 3 White from SM
Office 1 Tyler Strike Tall Table to DSR (on his exit)
Lewis Menu Up/Offstage
Lisa Enter US, Set Desk
Lacey Enter DSL, Set Couch in office
Lacey Get Chair from UC, set DSL. Pull Desk onstage, exit DSL
Lisa Ball from trash can onto desk and Trash to floor
Lisa Open laptop, exit DSL
Lewis Black Sliders Off Q from SM
In Office 1
Transition Tyler Folder and trash to desk, move desk US/DS position Q for SHIFT to start
Office 1 into Lisa Enter USL, Set Square Table from SM
Restaurant Lacey Enter USL with 2nd chair, put it CS next to sofa
Lisa Move Chair from desk to SL of Table
Lisa Adjust Chairs, Strike Jacket, exit DSL (walk US of Kate)
Lacey Strike Desk to UC and exit USL
Lacey Move Sofa from office position to US, exit USL
Lewis Restaurant Panels On Q from SM
In Restaurant Lacey Strike Trash can from desk, set 1 folder
Lacey Hold door to Gr. Rm. As Carter exits SL
Lacey/Lisa Places US/panels before end of scene Lisa go under desk
Lewis Charge glowtape on floor
Transition Lewis Restaurant Panels Off Q from SM
Restaurant into Kate Move SL Chair to DSL for Desk, then exit DSL
Office 2 Lacey Move Sofa from US to Office Start shift when
Lisa Enter USR w/ Desk, set it DSL (wait for Lacey to pass) panels open enough
Strike Square Table to USL
Lisa Strike SR chair to USL
Lacey If the ball is on the sofa, move it to the desk
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