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Backstage Run Sheet
Welcome To My Show
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Prepared by My Name
SCENE 6 (p. 40-45 ) Summoned by the Jews
In transition (p. 45) Sc. 6-7
Gesture to Rose on SM's Q to Ent DSL
Kipling Quick Change to red vest, carry brown
jacket add overnight bag w/ camera.
Give SM "Complete" on Quick Change SR
SCENE 7 (p.46-51) Red Eye--Last Dream Sequence-go back the way I used to be?--Venus song)
During Sc.
Dr's stethescope, Dr.'s coat, Rabbi shawl and
yalmuke. SR-->SL
Put Rash photos in right lab coat pocket.
Give Yarmulke to Rebbe
Rose change to Psyche SL
Take and Hang her stuff and move shoes
out of the way
Kipling's exit Quick change to Rabbi. SL + Sharon
Rebbe catch bag and jacket. Sharon Give
him shawl, take casual cltohes, Rebbe
drop yalmuke on his head as he enters.
Don't block the mirror.
Give SM a "Complete" SL
Move overnight bag, jacket, and Rose clothes
Leave her shoes SL. Reset items, or add
to laundry if needed
In transition (p. 51) 7-8 (exits singing)
Quick change to Kipling. Catch shawl and
yalmuke. And clipboard
USL He puts on stethescope from pocket.
Give SM a "Complete" SL Eddie off SR/Janine off SL
SCENE 8 (p52-57) So Long and Thanks for all the Whitefish
During Sc. Charge glo tape USR SR
Turn off safety lights SR/SL
After Kipling exits
Light Bill's path off stage with flashlight SR
In blackout
Light Kathryn's path down stairs and off stage SR
Give her a hand if needed. Don't get light
on the stage
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