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12345 Main Street | Weston, Connecticut 12345 | 877.875.7706 |
Strategic Market Planning - Customer Relationship Management - Multi-Channel Distribution
Customer Acquisition & Retention –Merchandising Promotion - Vendor Relations - Sales Training & Team Leadership - Call Center
Management - New Product Design & Development - Social Media- Lead Generation Telesales - CRM Philosophy
Enterprising, extroverted and customer-focused sales leader with a natural ability for building new business and forging loyalty
with clients, vendors and external business partners. Identifies and capitalizes on emerging business ventures to propel an
organization to the top tier of its industry. Motivational management style with a proven history of building, guiding and
retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth. Strives to optimize operations,
reduce costs and improve service quality while strengthening the bottom line.
Leadership – Talented sales strategist and tactician offering thought leadership, strategic advice, insights for market
differentiation, competitive advantage, and go-to market strategies using best-in-class tools and processes. Extensive
experience in a fast-paced highly competitive industry from key roles in online financial services and call centers to the
growth development and transition of an original Arrow Wood paper manufacturer. Secured one of the Largest
transactions in Arrow Wood paper.
Business Development – Drive market enthusiasm through communications, seminars, trade shows, and industry
events, with new media, online marketing, social media, and SEO savvy. Built a sales network of 10 territory
representatives to consistently exceed $500,00 monthly target to increase revenue $6 million in 2001 to $12 million in
Customer Relations Developed strategic action plan to enhance account retention. Revamped customer service
department by infusing the call center with script education to retain customers; stressed a customer engagement
philosophy. Credited with closing core programs with Dollar General, Dollar Tree, valued at $1M in 2002 increasing to
$3M in annual sales by 2005 for more than 11,000 stores nationwide.
ABC Corporate Sales, 2005-Present
Conducts Client Relationship Management consulting and home, school and office product sales; major clients include
Bright Data LP and Confidential Corporation.
Light Fast LLC, 2008-Present
Hired as change agent to customize “Bright CRM” strategy for improved results, efficiency, and profitability of the
Yellow Pages/directory network, leading to the creation of a specialized Outbound Sales Team and Communication 101
Training Course: impacted productivity, service excellence and customer loyalty with a focus on customer contact,
writing, scripting, and internal training of a team of 40 agents in Florida call center.
Spearheaded the development of VIP customer loyalty/testimonial program “The Ecstatic Customer Project” with 200
select directory clients, which was implemented as a standard companywide.
Managed multiple social media profiles (corporate twitter accounts and blogs) and directed PR and Communications
for media inquiries, press releases, and special projects and producer for and numerous environmental
and charitable verticals (LightGiving, LightGreen,,, Established and
nurtured partnerships and strategic alliances for special projects.
KLM Corporation, 2007-Present
Key player in reorganization and restructuring of a specialty matte board company into a well-positioned paper entity.
Built and developed program of key items which services $2 million in new private-label accounts and increasing.
Designed new products and expanded line for Kids’ Room Arts and Crafts products within cross-functional sales teams.
Recognized with a promotion to coordinate sales for two additional divisions, Mail Pac, Rupaco.
Executive Managing Director Resume
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