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CS150 Spring 98 Page 2 Final Report
Executive Summary
The executive summary should contain a high-level description of your project and a few words about why you
selected it. You should then describe the overall aspects of your design, using a block-diagram, flow graph, or
whatever descriptive approach conveys the major elements of your project as concisely and clearly as possible. You
should also describe all of the high-level decisions you had to make and why you made them (e.g. “we chose to use
a controller-based approach rather than building hard-wired logic for this aspect because,” “if we had gone with
our fist approach, the wiring would have dominated...). Finally, you should summarize the end state of your
project (e.g. “we were able to complete the implementation and demonstrate all of our tests..., “we completed the
I/O blocks, but could not finish debugging the controller software because...
This section of the report should not exceed 3 pages.
Technical Documentation
In this section you should provide step- by-step instructions on how to operate the machine and how walk through
all the capabilities of your design, almost like a tutorial or detailed users manual. This documentation will also
help the TA's as far as what to do to test the capabilities of the machine.
This section of the report should not exceed 5 pages.
Overall Description of the System
Here you should summarize the final implementation of your design in detail. You should use high-level schematics,
code fragments, block diagrams and flow charts as appropriate. You should refer to your final schematics and code
listings in the Appendices as necessary. The documentation should be complete enough that a TA could implement
and debug your design using the information contained in this section.
This section of the report should not exceed 5 pages.
Design Review
In this final section, please include a summary of your experiences throughout the projectwhat you learned, what
mistakes you might have made in planning, approach, etc. What were the most important aspects of the project for
you? Where did you spend most of your time? What aspects seemed unimportant or redundant? Please review your
Risk Assessmentsection of the previous checkpoint and comment on how realistic it was. Include an if I were to
do this again I would...paragraph.
This section of the report should not exceed 5 pages.
Appendix A: Checkpoint #1: Preliminary Project Plan.
Appendix B: Checkpoint #2: Final Project Plan.
Appendix C: Checkpoint #3: Project Evaluation Plan.
Appendix D: Checkpoint #4: Schematics and Implementation
Appendix E: Final Schematics
Appendix F: Software Listings (if any)
If you plan to submit hard copy, it is a good idea to make a copy of your report for each member of your team
and bind the original for submission. In the past, many CS150 students have used their project lab reports in
internship and job interviews with success. The instructors will keep the final reports for at least three months after
the end of the semester.
Executive Project Summary Template
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