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3255 Coachman Road, Apt 347, Eagan, MN, 55121 (612) 730-9540 [email protected]
3255 Coachman Road, Apt 347, Eagan, MN, 55121 (612) 730-9540 [email protected]
I am a Front End Web Developer with over 9 years of experience planning, coding, testing and maintaining
websites. I have worked as a part of a team or independently and have managed contractors in their projects. My
goal is to plan, build, test, deploy and maintain websites and applications for desktop and mobile devices. I can
provide you with web, graphic, interactive and programming to develop optimum and user friendly web solutions.
Sites built with XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, jQuery, CMS, Quality Assurance, hand-
coded sites, HTML5, CSS3, Flash, jQuery Mobile, 508 Accessibility, CVS, MS Office, JIRA, MovableType,
WordPress, Social Media Developer tools, VPN, pixel perfect. Sites tested in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Safari; PC/Mac/Tablet(iPad)/Mobile Phone(Android). Additional testing tools include Chrome DevTools, Firefox
Aurora, IE F12 Tools, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google PageSpeed Insights and many
more. Portfolio site:
FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business | Eagan, MN | 2009 - 2013
MovableType Blog Template Developer | 2013
Build blog templates for Firmsite template sites. Included Dreamweaver to create XHTML, CSS, and edit
FindLaw blog template snippets; Photoshop to cut, create or correct Graphic Designer web graphics;
MovableType to deposit/test/publish blog code; utilized FindLaw home-grown CMS tools; Quality Assurance
test multi-browser compatibility; JIRA bug tracking. Fixed quote was per blog template developed - 4.5 hours
maximum per template.
Accomplishments: Completed 9 blog templates in 30 hours.
WordPress Developer | 2013
Responsible for building Territory sites in WordPress. Included placing copy in WordPress, updating URLS,
correcting XHTML formatting generated by WordPress, JIRA bug tracking, utilizing copy from Microsoft Word
documents, uploading/resizing/cropping images in WordPress, enabling WordPress widgets, and enabling
other design features. Fixed quote was per WordPress territorial site - 2 hours maximum per site.
Accomplishments: Created 70 WordPress territory micro-sites in 2 months.
Work Samples:
Lawyer Marketing | Brandon Kahan -
Front End Web Developer | 2009 - 2013
Responsible for web UI development for FindLaw client web sites. Included Dreamweaver to create XHTML,
CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Freemarker to develop dynamic lawfirm identity; Photoshop to cut, create or correct
Graphic Designer web graphics; MovableType to create blogs; utilized FindLaw home-grown CMS tools; JIRA
bug tracking; and Quality Assurance testing to maintain multi-browser/multi-platform/multi-device compatibility.
Accomplishments: Met and exceeded 100% of FindLaw goals. Lead Eagan office with over 190+
websites/blogs in 2012. Successfully completed a project to integrate 40+ blog template designs for older
FindLaw template sites in 6 weeks.
Work Samples:
Experienced Interactive Designer Resume
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