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Tina Grey
123, Jordon St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 411-0523
Objective Statement:
To utilize my excellent skills in dancing while performing with an internationally acclaimed dance troupe
such as yours and to perform to the fullest of my capabilities, together with further enhancing of my art.
Profile Summary:
Performing hip-hop and jazz since last 2 years in various events and dance troupes
Have been a part of a few internationally renowned dance troupes
Trained from the reputed XYZ School of Dance, LA
Won the 'Best Performance' award in the passing ceremony of XYZ School of Dance, LA
Skills Summary:
Good knowledge of various kinds of dance forms such as jazz and hip-hop
Ability to handle difficult choreographies for special dance groups
Ability to do hard work and achieve perfection in each dance step
Excellent skills in executing sound communication with other team members
Good team spirit
Strict practitioner of yoga
Work Experience:
Conducted various dance performances till date
The Ballet of Martha Gale Garcia by Lightening Stars, Knowles Theater, Italy | 2013
Raining Angels by Lightening Stars, Baxter Theater, London | 2012
You and Me by Lifeboat, Smith, and Drake Stadium, Denmark | 2012
Night Safari and Group by Rupert and Beaver, Denmark | 2011
Seaside Angel Rising by Rupert and Beaver, Louisiana | 2011
Lantern of the Wasted by Lifeboat, Canada | 2011
Educational Qualification:
Training in jazz from XYZ School of Dance, LA | 2011
Training in hip-hop from VCX School of Theater and Dance, LA | 2010
Won the 'Best Performance' award in a final dance event at XYZ School of Dance, LA | 2011
Performed with internationally acclaimed dance troupes namely, 'Lifeboat' and 'Rupert and
Experinced Level Dancer Resume Template
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