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P.O. Box 1108, Selah, WA 98942
Phone: (509) 307-2539 ·
Date Written:___________________
Deposit Received:_________________
Date of Event:____________________
Face Painting Invoice and Service Agreement
INVOICE NO.____________
Client Information:
Client Name: ___________________________________________ How did you hear about us?______________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ____________________ Cell Phone: _______________________ Email: _____________________________
Fax #: _____________________ Contact Number Day of Event: _____________________________
Event Information:
Event Date: ___________ Day of the Week: _________ Indoor or outdoor? __________ Party Start Time:_________ am/pm
Party Location/Address: ______________________________________________________ Artist Time: ______ to ________
Number of Painters Needed (10-12 standard designs can be painted by 1 artist in an hour) ________
Type of Event: ____________________________________________ Set Up Area: ___________________________________
Theme: __________________________________________________ Dress Code: ___________________________________
Parking at Event: ___________________________________
(Please hold a parking spot close to the event if possible, I will be carrying my own equipment. If permit or passes are required it must be mailed before the day of the event)
Event Attendees Information:
Age range of attendees at event: _________ Number of Attendees: ________ (10-12 standard designs can be painted by 1 artist in an hour)
Guest of Honor (name & age): _______________________________________________________________
Any Special Face Painting Requests or Color Preferences? _____________________________________________________
Fees: This Section to be filled in by vendor.
Hours needed: _______ Painters needed: ________ Discount Coupon ___________
$___________ Mileage ________________________________________________
$___________ Painter
$___________ Subtotal
50% Deposit required within 5 days of booking or date and time will be released.
Balance due upon Artist’s arrival
Client agrees to pay the full amount due under this contract, even if Client actually uses Artist for less time than contracted for. The 50%
deposit is not refundable, should Client for any reason cancel or postpone the contracted day or time period. However, in case of post-
ponement, Face Art Magic will work with you to accommodate an alternate date although you may not receive your first alternate choice
based on the Artist’s prior commitments. The deposit may be paid with a check
payable to: Tina Erickson - Face Art Magic.
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Face Painting Invoice And Service Agreement
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