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This Family Christmas Newsletter, namely, is a newsletter edition particularly for the Christmas. A Family Newsletter is usually used to record the interesting and meaningful things of a family and share them with friends sometimes. A Christmas newsletter is to collect the interesting stories on Christmas. This template gives a clear and organized layout of the text and pictures. Besides, the passages on the template offer some instructions on how to write the newsletter. You can download the template and create a special newsletter by filling in your family's stories and pictures.

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How to get started
Writing a family newsletter can also be
a fun activity to do together as a
family. You can make everyone feel
included and special as you take stock
of the events in your life together.
First, sit down and talk about the most
important things that have happened
in the past year. Think about who will
be reading your family newsletter.
What would your friends or distant
family members most like to hear
After you list the things you want to
write about, organize your list into
categories, like Introduction, Dad’s
News, Mom’s News, Kids’ News, Special
Messages, and Final Thoughts. If your
children are old enough, consider
asking them to write their own sections.
Our Family Newsletter
The purpose of a holiday newsletter is
to keep friends and family updated on
the events in your family’s life and
share holiday greetings across the
miles. The holidays are a good time to
tell about your experiences from the
past year, and express warm wishes for
the year to come.
When you send a holiday newsletter,
you can let each member of the family
write their own articles or stories. You
Happy holidays from our family to yours!
can also include family portraits, or
photographs from family vacations.
Think about what you would tell your
family and friends if you could see
“To catch the
reader’s attention,
place an interesting
sentence or quote
from the story here.”
Caption describing picture or
Caption describing
picture or graphic.
Special events in
our family’s life
Add a highlight from
your family’s life
Add a highlight from
your family’s life
Add a highlight from
your family’s life
Christmas 2004 Volume 1, Issue 1 Your Family’s Name
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Family Christmas Newsletter
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