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This Family Christmas Newsletter, namely, is a newsletter edition particularly for the Christmas. A Family Newsletter is usually used to record the interesting and meaningful things of a family and share them with friends sometimes. A Christmas newsletter is to collect the interesting stories on Christmas. This template gives a clear and organized layout of the text and pictures. Besides, the passages on the template offer some instructions on how to write the newsletter. You can download the template and create a special newsletter by filling in your family's stories and pictures.

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Our kids’ favorite
Christmas joke:
What do you call a person who is
afraid of Santa Claus?
On the back of your family’s newsletter,
you may want to add a simple greeting,
poem, or an example of your children’s
artwork. This is the first part of the
newsletter that your loved ones will see,
so make sure that it is festive and eye-
You can add your own artwork to the
back of a family newsletter by scanning
in a drawing or a photograph.
A special message from our family
A great way to add content to this
newsletter is to include a calendar of
upcoming events or a special memory
that your family shares. You can also
transcribe the words of a song or a
poem onto the back of your newsletter
to set the tone for the rest of your
With a little creativity and imagination,
creating a holiday newsletter can be a
great way to say “Season’s Greetings!”
Season’s greetings!
Our Family
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(242) 555-0167
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Our Family’s Name
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A favorite family
phrase or slogan can
go here.
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