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Fax Cover Sheet is a template you can use to create a particular fax cover sheet. The template contains the name of the recipient, the name of the sender, the recipient fax number, the number of pages, the recipient telephone, the date of faxing, the subject, and comments. You can choose your fax cover sheet to be urgent, for review, comment required, reply required, or recycle required.

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[Company Name]
[Address, City, ST ZIP Code]
[Telephone] | [Fax] | [Web Address]
To: [Name] From: Laurel Yan
Fax: [Recipient Fax Number] Pages: [Number of Pages]
Phone: [Recipient Telephone] Date:
Re: [Subject] Cc: [Name]
Urgent For review Please comment Please reply Please recycle
Comments: [Start text here.]
Fax Cover Sheet
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