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Receive barrel of
apples from
delivery truck
Bottle apple juice
and ship to stores
Make apple sauce
Inspect each
Discard apple
Process good apples in
blending machine
Is apple in
Filter pulp from apple
Send to compost bin. Compost
is cycled back to the farm as
nutrients for the apple orchard
Simple Flowchart
Important: Two toolbars are available with this template to help you create flowcharts. To display these
toolbars, point to Toolbars on the View menu, and then click Flow Shapes. Point to Toolbars on the View
menu, and then click Flow Connectors.
•To create a flowchart, you can modify this example or you can start from scratch to create your own flowchart.
To add flowchart shapes
•On the Flow Shapes toolbar, click the shape you want, and then click where you want to draw the flowchart
To add connectors between the shapes
1. On the Flow Connectors toolbar, click the connector line you want.
2. Point to where you want to lock the connector.
3. Click the first connection site you want, point to the other shape, and then click the second connection site.
•To delete the sample flowchart and these instructions, click Go To on the Edit menu, click Special, select the
Objects option, click OK, and then press DELETE.
Flow Chart Template
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