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1.2 Management Review Process
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Forest Certification Work Instruction
Date of Draft Document: Effective Date: 6-01-16
Revision Number:
Supersedes Version Dated: 6-23-15
Work Instruction Title: 1.2 Management Review Process for Continual Improvement in the Management of
Forest Resources
Work Area Group: 1 Plan, Monitor and Review
Purpose: A systematic process for gathering information regarding improvement in forest management
practices, reporting that information to management, and formal management review.
Work Instruction:
1. Internal audit teams will be formed and will conduct regular audits on DNR Forest Management Units (FMUs).
The audits will include field implementation of State and District level programs.
a. Three to four FMUs per year will normally be audited. One desk audit on a theme to be chosen by the
Forest Certification Team (FCT) shall be conducted for all FMUs each year. The number of audits may
vary depending on budgetary and staffing constraints.
b. Supplemental internal audits can be requested through the chain-of-command.
c. The Management Review Team will designate which FMUs and may identify particular areas of needed
focus for state forest related programs to be internally audited each year.
d. Internal audits will be conducted by a DNR lead auditor and an audit team. One person shall be the lead
auditor for all internal audits during any year. Auditors may be trained through either formal training or as
under-instruction audit observers.
2. Annual Management Review.
The Management Review Team will annually evaluate audit results for state forest operations, evaluate
effectiveness of work instructions, evaluate non-conformances, determine changes and improvements necessary
to continually improve conformance, and provide input for a Management Review Report. The review will be
based on the following:
a. Internal Audits: Internal audits must record, evaluate, and report non-conformances with forest
certification standards and related work instructions at all levels of the DNR.
1) The Forest Certification Coordinator (FRD) will oversee the internal audit process.
2) Monitoring requirements cited in the forest certification standards and work instructions will be
incorporated into the internal audit process.
3) DNR District Supervisors will monitor implementation of internal audit corrective action plans, and
report pending or continuing non-conformance at the annual management review.
b. Annual Forest Certification Surveillance Audits by external SFI and FSC auditors
c. Field Management Review
1) Schedule the management review to follow annual forest certification audits.
2) The management review will consist of a statewide review of audit results. Audits will evaluate field
operations and DNR programs.
3) Conduct an annual management review meeting with the Management Review Team. The meeting
will be hosted and chaired by the Forest Certification Coordinator.
4) The Forest Certification Coordinator will prepare a draft report addressing conformance with the forest
certification standards and recommendations for improvement. The draft report will be submitted to
Management Review Team and DNR division chiefs for review by division management teams. The
Forest Certification Coordinator will incorporate division management team review comments and
submit a final Management Review Report to the Resource Bureau Management Team (RBMT) for
their review and approval.
Forest Certification Work Instruction Template
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