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Free Lease Agreement For ‘_____________________'
This Document is NOT a Bill of Sale
This agreement dated ________________ is made by and between _____________
(herein referred to as ‘the Owner’) residing at _____________________________________
with phone number ___________________ and ______________________ (herein referred to
as ‘the Lessee’) residing at _______________________________________ for the Free Lease
of one horse as described and identified below:
Horse’s Name: _________________________
Breed: _______________________________
Gender: ________________
Height: _________________
Age: ____ Years
Foaled: _________________
Color: __________________
Jockey Club Registration Number if applicable:__________________
Owner on Record: __________________________________________
Lease Price
Owner agrees to lease the horse described and identified herein to the Lessee for ZERO Dollars
($0.00) per month.
Owner Warranties
Owner warrants that he/she is the lawful owner of said horse and has the right to Free Lease said
Owner Responsibilities
Owner is responsible for retrieving the horse with a minimum of two weeks (2 weeks) notice by
Lessee that Lessee wishes to return said horse to Owner.
Lessee Responsibilities
Lessee warrants that he/she will provide the said horse with care above and beyond that which
the state of _________________ deems minimal humane treatment of an Equine. This care
includes paying for board and providing food, water, and shelter for ______________ in a stall
in winter in a clean, safe barn and a run in shelter during other seasons; access to a safe pasture
with fencing sufficient to keep the horse safe and in the pasture for grazing, and exercise; regular
maintenance of the said horse’s hooves via regular barefoot trims or farriery, and regular
grooming, administrations of deworming medications, health care including annual inoculations
and teeth floating, exercise, nutrition and displays of kindness necessary to maintain the said
Free Lease Agreement Template
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