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Full Search Engine Optimization Proposal
Executive Summary
Local SEOs technique involves a mix of the most powerful SEO strategies employed by any firm in the country.
Search engines rarely disclose detailed information regarding their algorithms, so using any one method will likely
fail to produce the desired results. Local SEOs engineers tirelessly test every known method of visibility
improvement, but we also realize that major search engines update their algorithms frequently, and as such,
methods that are successful today may be weakened tomorrow. For this reason, Local SEOs approach is to
employ multiple methods of search engine optimization to ensure that desired results are achieved.
Our methodological approach to web marketing assumes that every website possess unique challenges and
therefore requires a customize strategy to achieve optimal results. The varying dynamics of your industry
segment, competition, business focus, brand, target audience, geographical location, and promotional budget
proves difficult to devise a ‘one size fits all solution. It is with this view that we have devised a flexible cost
effective web-marketing program that can be tailored to your industry requirements.
Website Optimization
Duration: (1 Day)
During the Website Optimization, we will work together to develop a strategy and implement key changes that
will deliver immediate results. The effort quickly addresses critical search engine optimization enhancements
to your web site, quickly increases ranking, traffic and Google AdWords conversion efficiency. The Website
Optimization covers optimization of up to 10 page’s (static or dynamic) in a website, on-page optimization and
strategic selection of key phrases that will drive targeted traffic to your site.
Recommendations for Website Optimization include:
1. SEO Planning, and Strategy (2 Days) - To really make your web marketing campaign a huge success,
we would develop a deep understanding of your business; what you are trying to accomplish and what
your goals are. This discovery interview provides critical business intelligence aimed around what’s
happening in your industry. During the interview process an intelligence gathering survey form will guide
us through an inquiry into the nature of your business needs, competition, and desired outcome. In
addition you can ask any questions that may be concerning you in regards to the types of changes that
will be made to your web site, when to expect results, and lays the strategic foundation for your ongoing
web marketing campaign.
1. Goal Setting
2. Competitor Benchmarking
3. Keyphrase Research (1-2 days)
Discover keywords which will produce the highest volume of traffic
Keywords that the competition are using to find success
Keywords that have the highest AdWord values
Significant high traffic keywords your rivals do not know about
Newly rising keywords primarily based on new trends & services and products related
to your industry
Keywords with high conversion rates to raise your ROI
Gap Analysis
Keyphrase Selection
Tracking and improvement process
2. Index inclusion and coverage (1 Week) We tell the search engines which pages are most vital to
your search engine marketing campaign by using Google & Yahoo! XML Sitemaps. We will create and
adjust the required areas inside the sitemaps to make sure that your most important pages are given the
correct prominence. In addition, we will take active steps in troubleshooting and monitoring your website
Full Search Engine Optimization Proposal
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