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A Functional Resume with Education Emphasis is a resume that highlight your personal skills, accomplishments and education background rather than job experience. The mainly practise skills you have used in your past job, and the educational achievements you've got in school will be included in the functional resume. An excellent function resume will make a good impression on the employers. Come and download the resume from our website for free. Hope you find a proper job.

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[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
[Phone Number]
[E-mail Address]
[Demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge of
international markets, business practices, and trade
[Strong marketing and finance background combined with
fluency in several languages, including “Advanced Level” U.S.
State Department certification in Russian Language Reading
[Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under
pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.]
[Masters Degree in Russian and East European Studies]
[Oak Tree University, Washington, D.C.]
[B.A. Degree in Foreign Languages]
[Oak Tree University, Washington, D.C.]
[Concentration in Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian;
graduated cum laude with 3.8 G.P.A.]
[Completion of Intensive Language Training Program]
[Maple Grove Institute, London, England]
Career History and Accomplishments
[Program Developer, Contoso, Ltd.]
[Worked directly with Director of Business Development and
Director of Strategic planning of this large, publicly-traded
provider of home healthcare services.]
[Researched and wrote marketing, financial, and feasibility
reports concerning new business acquisitions and acquisition
[Played key role in preparing a successful $5 million federal
grant proposal to provide the company’s home therapy
products to rural U.S. areas.]
[Prepared corporate financial reports and service contracts
for the CFO.]
[Program Assistant, Trey Research]
[Held key responsibility in this small import/export company
for helping facilitate trade deals with former Soviet Union and
Eastern European countries.]
[Served as interpreter and translator for Vice President in
major business negotiations. Reviewed company compliance
with all applicable customs laws and procedures.]
Functional Resume with Education Emphasis
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