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Garage & Storage Rental Agreement is made for the garage renting between a landlord and a renter. The landlord rent out his spare garage or storage to the renter in order to make some money, and the renter to rent the garage or storage from the landlord to put in things. The rent should be paid by the renter at certain days of every month promptly. Both the tenant and the landlord should sign their names.

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Garage & Storage Rental Agreement
This agreement is between: _______________________ (Landlord) and
________________________ (renter). The agreement is for the garage located at
Landlord’s Info ______________________________________________________________
OTHER (DESCRIBE): __________________________________________________________
1. ADDRESS________________________________________ PH: __________________
EMPLOYED BY: ________________________________________
ADDRESS: _______________________________________ PH: __________________
2. ADDRESS________________________________________ PH: __________________
EMPLOYED BY: ________________________________________
ADDRESS: _______________________________________ PH: __________________
THE RENT IS $___________ PER MONTH. The renter(s) agree that there will be a charge of $10.00 for each day paid late,
after the first day of each month, of the term hereby granted.
The rent shall be paid by post-dated cheques for the full term of the lease. N.S.F charge is $20.00
SECURITY DEPOSIT $______________________ AMOUNT PAID $ ___________________
If the rent is not paid by the fifth day of the month then the landlord may order the renter to remove the renters possessions
from the premises. If the renter has not removed their belongings from the premises within 3 days or 72 hours, then all
remaining possessions shall be deemed to be abandoned goods, and the renter forfeits any claim to these abandoned goods. If
the renter cannot be contacted by the landlord, using the phone numbers on this lease within 5 days or 120 hours then the
possession shall be deemed abandoned goods and the renter forfeits any claim to these abandoned goods. The landlord may
dispose of abandoned goods any way the landlord chooses.
This is a rental agreement for storage and due to the nature of this rental agreement it is not covered under the Landlord &
Renter laws.
NAME: ___________________________ RELATIONSHIP: ___________________________
PHONE: ___________________________
NAME: ___________________________ RELATIONSHIP: ___________________________
PHONE: ___________________________
The renter agrees that the owner shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any personal injury or death that
maybe suffered or sustained by the renter or by any person for whom the renter is responsible, who ma y be upon the
premises, or for any loss or damage or injury to any property, including cars and contents thereof. The renter
acknowledges that the use of the premises and related facilities by renter, or by any person whom the renter is
responsibility, is entirely at their own risk. Initials __________ ___________ ____________
Garage & Storage Rental Agreement
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