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The General CV Template is a kind of template provides how to make an impressive CV in an interview. Since the job market is more and more competitive, candidates should spend more time on making the resume. It should be excellent and eye-catching enough, you can make a good impression on the interviewers. The general CV templates provided on our website can be a useful reference for you in the job seeking process. Good luck and hope you find a proper job.

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Instructions for using this template
Please Note:
Set your font to ‘Verdana’
All title headings (e.g. education, work experience…etc., should
be in upper case and in font size 8.5
(1) to (9) explained:
1. The recommended font size for your name is 14
2. Your address and contact information should be font size 8.5
3. Your objective should be as brief as possible.
4. Education, keep the relevant courses to a minimum.
5. Achievements and Awards: this is optional; it only applies if you
actually have something to say.
6. Again be sure to list your work experience in reverse
chronological order, most recent first followed by others in the
7. Other Skills
8. Co-curricula activities: keep it interesting but brief
9. References: make sure to inform your referee if you’re going use
them, otherwise using ‘available upon request’ gives you enough
time to inform them or gives you time to actually find someone
to be your referee.
The standard Ashesi CV Template
General CV Template
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