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This file is an example government code of conduct. It's aimed to state some rules and norms the workers or related people should obey in their work and life. Usually, a code of conduct is used to state the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, but the format varies one form another. In this template, it clarifies the rules into several categories and makes a list of rules in each category, both the behaviors acceptable and unacceptable. You can choose this format or find a more proper one from other code of conduct template.

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It is the policy of this government that in all cases its employees will perform their duties for the
benefit of the citizens and constituents. They shall conduct the operations of the government with
loyalty, integrity and impartiality, without allowing prejudice, favoritism or the opportunity for
personal gain to influence their decisions or actions or to interfere with serving the public interest.
The purpose of this policy is to establish legal and ethical standards of conduct for all officials
and employees of the government and to require disclosures by all officials and employees of
private, financial or other interests in matters that may affect the government. All government
employees shall adhere to the following code of ethics to build public trust and ensure equitable
treatment for all.
All government employees should demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity,
truthfulness, and honesty in all public activities. The protection of confidential information from
inappropriate use is of utmost importance and should be handled accordingly. No employee shall
use the funds, property, equipment, supplies or labor of the government for a purpose which is for
the private benefit of such employee or any other individual or group of individuals unless the
same benefit is available to the general public on equal terms or the use is in accordance with
government policies and/or ordinances.
Gifts or Gratuities
No employee, shall directly or indirectly solicit, accept, or receive any gift or consideration
whether in the form of money, services, loan, travel, meals, business luncheons, entertainment, or
thing of promise from any vendor, company, person, or entity who presently does business with
the government, has done business with the government in the past, or is seeking to do business
with the government. No employee, acting within the scope of their employment or because of
their position, shall accept any non-monetary item or items with a total value of more than $10.00
received during one calendar day. The following shall not constitute gifts or consideration for
purposes of this section:
(1) Discounts offered to all government employees.
(2) Discounts offered to the general public or to private groups such as
professional organizations, religious, or service organizations.
(3) Entertainment provided at a public, professional or community event in which
multiple officials or employees of the government or other governments are
invited. Examples include: Picnics, holiday parties and civic celebrations.
(4) Entertainment such as golf outings, hockey games, football games, baseball
games or other sporting events available to all government employees.
(5) Acceptance of a professional or public award reflecting positive performance
or community service.
(6) Campaign contributions reported in full compliance with federal, state and
local ordinances as they may apply.
(7) Informational materials such as books, reports, pamphlets, calendars, or
periodicals not prominently displayed.
(8) Greeting cards and items with little intrinsic value such as plaques,
certificates, and trophies which are intended solely for presentation.
(9) Luncheons, dinners or other events where membership dues cover the price of
the meal or where food is served in conjunction with training previously
authorized by a supervisor.
(10) Contributions and donations from businesses or others used for charitable
events, such as United Way fundraisers.
Government Code of Conduct Example
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