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Only include page numbers if there is more than one page
Full Postal Address to be included here
Include your mobile telephone number here
Include your email address - make sure it sounds professional
Professional Profile
As a Graduate, you will no doubt you be applying for roles that are related to your degree, so it’s important to bring focus
to your studies immediately as there are numerous graduate schemes out there that are looking for people just like you.
Such as: A committed and driven BSc Biology Graduate with a sound understanding of......... utilises sound organisation
and planning skills to deliver assignments within set timeframes and to a high quality standard”
You can also include any other transferable skills in this section that you have gained through your academic study and /
or professional / related work experience and outline what it is you are looking to do.
Education and Qualifications
E.g. BSc
Biology (University of Manchester) 2015
It’s always a good idea to include the University you went to and also include any modules /
dissertation completed in the final year of your degree
E.g. 3 A Levels
Include the subjects you passed and the year. You don’t need the results unless they are
beneficial to your CV i.e. all highest marks possible. Also include year achieved
E.g. 10 GCSEs
You can include the number of GCSEs you obtained and if these included Mathematics & English
then state these. You don’t need to state the all or the Grades, unless, like above, they are all
the highest grades possible. Again, include year achieved
Graduate Projects:
Ø If you have gone on to do more than one degree i.e. Master’s and Doctorates, it is a good idea to include a separate
section that details the projects completed
Associated Experience
Dates to and from
JOB TITLE, Company
As a Graduate, you want to ideally highlight the experience you have gained, if any, within the field you are looking to go
into. You must detail each experience separately, even if only for a short period of time
Dates to and from
JOB TITLE, Company
Keep going until you have covered all experience
Other Experience
Dates to and from
JOB TITLE, Company
As many students do, you have probably undertaken some part time work not related to your course, such as bar or
restaurant work. It is still important to include this on your CV as it highlights other transferable skills, including
communication and multi tasking
Dates to and from
JOB TITLE, Company
Keep going until you have covered all experience
Key I.T. Skills
Ø Microsoft Office
Ø and so on......
As a student, you have probably have a high level of proficiency within I.T and, even if it is not relevant to the role you are
applying for, it is always advisable to keep these skills in as it shows that you can learn applications easily.
Other / Personal Details
Interests include:
Include your hobbies or interests here as it gives the reader something which they can connect
with you on a personal level. However, certain things can have negative connotations, such as
the words ‘socialising’ or ‘drinking’; the best way to phrase these activities is ‘spending time with
family and / or friends”
REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST - References tend to be available on request make sure
you have a couple of people in mind that you can ask.
You mustn’t include your date of birth on your professional CV; this is because the document can be used to
commit identify theft / fraud if it is on there.
Graduate CV Sample
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