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Lessor Lessee
any and all claims for damages to person or property or for loss of life, for personal injury or to property
occurring upon, in or about the Property.
C. Rental Income Insurance - Rental income insurance in an amount not less than 80% of
the projected rental income for six (6) months under this Lease.
D. Mandatory Insurance - All insurance required by any ordinance, law or governmental
E. Other Insurance - Such other insurance, and in such amounts, as may from time to time
be reasonably required by Lessor against other insurable hazards which from time to time are commonly
insured against in the case of similar premises, due regard being given to the Premises, the height and
type and Improvements thereon, its construction, use, occupancy and Lessee.
F. No Work Without Insurance - Lessee shall not make any alterations, repairs or installation,
or perform Lessee's Work or other work to or on the Property unless prior to the commencement of such
work Lessee shall obtain (and during the performance of such work keep in force) builder's risk, public
liability and worker's compensation insurance to cover every contractor to be employed, and any other
insurance reasonably required by Lessor. Prior to commencement of such work, Lessee shall deliver
originals or certificates of such insurance policies to Lessor as required by this Lease.
9. No Warranties by Lessor.
A. Lessee acknowledges that Lessee has full knowledge of all matters pertaining to the Premises,
including, but not limited to, the condition of title to the same and the physical condition of the same, and
that Lessee is leasing the Premises "AS IS" and Lessor shall not be required to perform any work or
furnish any materials in connection with the Property. Lessor makes no warranty of any kind or nature,
express, implied or otherwise, or any representations or covenants of any kind or nature in connection
with the title to or condition of the Premises or any part thereof, and Lessor shall not be liable for any
latent or patent defects therein or be obligated in any way whatsoever to correct or repair any such latent
or patent defects. Without limiting the above, Lessee acknowledges and agrees that neither Lessor, nor
any brokers, any agents, employees or representatives of Lessor have made any representations or
warranties on which Lessee is relying as to matters concerning the Premises including, without limitation,
the land, improvements, development rights, taxes, bonds, permissible uses, covenants, conditions and
restrictions, water or water rights, topography, utilities, zoning, soil, subsoil, the purposes for which the
Premises are to be used, drainage, environmental or building laws, rules or regulations or any other
representations or warranties of any nature whatsoever, and Lessee hereby assumes all risks relating to
any of the foregoing and to all matters relating to the use and occupancy of the Premises, whether known
or unknown, or foreseeable or unforeseeable. Lessor, however, expressly warrants that it has full
corporate authority to enter into this Lease. Lessor also expressly covenants that is has not done or
suffered any act or occurrence during the time it has owned the Premises which has impaired title to the
same, except utility easements of record.
10. Construction, Restoration, and Maintenance
A. No later than __________, Lessee shall commence and thereafter diligently prosecute to
completion the construction on the Premises, at Lessee's sole cost and expense, of improvements
generally as outlined at Exhibit "C", attached hereto and made a part hereof. All construction performed
by Lessee under this Paragraph 10A shall be subject to the provisions of Paragraph 11 hereof. Failure to
commence or thereafter diligently prosecute to completion such construction shall constitute a default
under this lease.
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