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The Horse/Equine Bill of Sale can make the registration and ownership transfer carry on smoothly. It is a legal document used to guarantee both sides' rights in the whole process of the deal. To complete the document, both parties need to fill in the form in details and leave their signatures on the document to make it valid. Upon the payment, Seller, at his/her cost, shall promptly take all legal actions necessary to transfer the ownership officially. Meanwhile, the buyer needs to register the horse/equine in the state he or she reside. For more information, refer to the sample on our website.

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Horse/Equine Bill of Sale
IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of $ ___________, received by ________________________________,
(name exactly as listed on registration papers)
(“Seller”) whose address is ___________________________________________________________ from
__________________________________________, (“Buyer”) whose address is ____________________
(name exactly as it will be listed on any registration papers)
____________________________________, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged,
Seller grants, sells, conveys, and transfers to Buyer the following equine (the “Equine”):
Equine’s Name:
Breed of Equine:
Equine’s Date of Birth:
Equine’s Color:
Sex of Equine: Mare Stallion Gelding
Registration # (if applicable):
Marks and other distinctive physical characteristics: (include all marks, scars,
brands, etc.)
Sire Name:
Registration # (if applicable):
Dam Name:
Registration # (if applicable):
COGGINS TEST: Seller warrants that the Equine has received a negative Coggins test on _____________,
REGISTRATION AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERS: Upon payment in full as set forth above, Seller, at
his/her own cost, shall promptly take all legal actions necessary to officially transfer ownership and registration,
if applicable, of the Equine to Buyer. Seller agrees to provide Buyer with all Ownership and Registration
Certificates upon completion of final payment.
Horse/Equine Bill of Sale
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