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28. Non-Waiver
Any failure by Landlord to insist upon Tenant’s full
compliance with the terms of this Lease and/or to enforce
such terms shall not be deemed to be a waiver of
Landlord’s rights to insist upon or so enforce the terms of
this Lease at a future date.
29. Parties Bound
This Lease is binding upon Landlord and Tenant and
their respective assignees and/or successors in interest.
30. Paragraph Headings
Paragraph headings are for reference only.
31. Effectiveness
This Lease shall become effective as of the date
when Landlord delivers a fully executed copy hereof to
Tenant or Tenant’s attorney.
32. Entire Agreement
Tenant states that Tenant has read this Lease and
that it fully incorporates all understandings,
representations and promises made to Tenant by
Landlord and/or Landlord’s agent and that this Lease
supersedes all prior representations, agreements and
promises, whether oral or written.
33. Amendments
This Lease may only be changed or amended in a
writing signed by the parties hereto.
4. Riders
Additional terms are contained in the riders annexed
hereto and designated Rider _________________.
35. Surrender of Premises
On the Termination Date, Tenant shall deliver the
Premises to Landlord vacant, in good condition and
broom clean. Prior to such delivery, Tenant shall have
vacated the Premises, removed Tenant’s property,
repaired all damages caused by Tenant and return the
Premises in the same condition as received, reasonable
wear and tear excepted.
6. Limitation of Recovery
Should Tenant obtain a judgment or other remedy
from a court of competent jurisdiction for the payment of
money by Landlord, Tenant is limited to the Landlord’s
interest in the Premises for the collection of same.
37. Sale of Unit
In the event Landlord sells the Premises, Landlord
may terminate this Lease on thirty (30) days prior written
notice to Tenant, in which event Tenant shall vacate the
Unit on the date set forth in said notice.
8. Insurance
Tenant is obligated to carry whatever property
and/or liability insurance coverage that Landlord requires
and shall have named on the policy of insurance
Landlord, as an insured. Tenant must deliver a copy of
the declaration page of the policy of insurance or the
binder showing Landlord as an insured prior to taking
possession of the Premises.
This Lease has been entered into as of the Date of Lease.
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