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Confidential Investigation Report
This template report format is for guidance purposes only and may be changed to reflect the
individual circumstances/needs of a case.
Type of Investigation e.g.
Disciplinary/Grievance etc
Name/Post of employee(s)
subject to investigation
Name of complainant
(if appropriate)
Investigator (s)
HR Support Link
This may cover:
How did the issue come to light?
Have any other actions been taken prior to the investigation?
Remit Of The Investigation
This may cover:
What specific allegations/concerns (by bullet points) were investigated?
Investigation Process
This may cover:
A brief description of method(s) used to gather information
A record of what interviews/statements were undertaken and documents
List of witnesses interviewed
This should cover:
A summary of findings and observations for each specific allegation/issue of
concern investigated, cross-referencing any documentation where needed
This may cover:
For each concern/allegation investigated an overall opinion based ‘on the
balance of probabilities’ on whether there is evidence to support allegations
Recommendations on whether further actions under the relevant employment
procedure should be taken
Hr Investigation Report Template
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