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Human Resource Recruitment Proposal
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Sherman Consulting, LLC is a full service administrative and support consulting firm that
specializes in foreign labor human resource management. Unlike other firms offering the
same type of services, Sherman Consulting integrates risk management capabilities
coupled with our manpower service guarantee in order to provide clients with the best
labor force available with the lowest risk of potential liability. Included herein is a
breakdown of Sherman Consulting’s different types of human resource recruitment
services, a breakdown of actual costs involved in the recruitment process and a flow chart
of the steps necessary to process foreign labor on Guam. In order to highlight our
preferred service, below is a brief description of our “Premium Recruitment Service”
we propose as a solution to your foreign labor human resource need.
Preparation of Requirements for Guam Department of Labor Processing
Prior to submission of an application to the Guam Department of Labor for the request to
hire foreign labor, several steps must be taken in which Sherman Consulting will manage
and prepare on behalf of the client.
Assisting the client identify the appropriate job title for the workers needed (prevailing wage
Assisting the client verify job descriptions and job requirements
Identifying the appropriate prevailing wage for the category
Assisting the client identify from which country of origin labor should be sourced from
Assisting the client in identifying the number of workers necessary for the job
Placement of 3 “help wanted” ads to establish local demand for the positions
Interview and suggest local bonding companies for the performance, payment and repatriation
Assisting the client identify a government approved housing facility for the workers
Collection of necessary corporate documents for submittal to the Guam Department of Labor:
o Copy of company’s current business license
o Copy of Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement
o Copy of current “audited” Financial Statements or most current Corporate Income Tax return
o Copy of company’s Worker’s Compensation Policy/Coverage
o Copy of Bonding documents (performance, payment and repatriation)
o Preparation of brief summary on why the foreign labor is necessary
o Sketch of Business location
o Sketch of labor housing location
o Listing of Job Categories and country of origin for workers
o Identification of Company signatory and representative to Guam Department of Labor
Recruitment Process Tracking
Sherman Consulting offers a proprietary recruitment tracking system, where clients can
log into a database system which tracks the processing steps of their recruits. The
database system lists each recruit by name and the current step of the recruitment process
that particular recruit is in. Days in each recruitment step are tracked and updates are
provided to the client with an estimated number of days required to complete each step.
Human Resource Recruitment Proposal
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