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Residential Lease Agreement describes a variety of aspects of your lease arrangement in only one document. The Residential Lease Agreement signed by you and the other party can ensure either rent the property or rent it out. Idaho Residential Lease Agreement Form is a legal contract designed and intended for the lease-rental of residential real estate located in the state of Idaho.

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ID/EMS 6/29/11
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______ ______
otherwise indicated on the Property Condition Report, Lessee, by the execution of this
lease and the Property Condition Report accepts all items listed as being in good,
serviceable condition as set forth in said Report.
$___________ dollars paid in advance by Lessee is a non-refundable
administrative/redecorating fee. This fee does not cover cleaning or damage to the
property not listed on the Property Condition Report. This fee does not cover any rents,
fees, costs or attorney fees due from Lessee. No interest is paid Lessee on said non-
refundable fee.
SECURITY/DAMAGE/CLEANING DEPOSIT: Lessee agrees to pay the sum of
___________ hundred dollars ($________) as a Security/Damage/Cleaning Deposit
of the performance of Lessee’s obligations hereunder. This deposit does not limit
Lessor’s rights or Lessee’s obligations hereunder. Lessee agrees the sum shall be
deposited by the Lessor or Lessor’s agent in the Lessor’s trust account with
______________________________ whose address is______________________
_________________________________ or such other depository as the Lessor or
Lessor’s agent may identify to the Lessee. Lessee understands that all or a portion of
the Deposit may be retained by the Lessor upon termination of the tenancy and that a
refund or any portion of the Deposit to the Lessee is conditioned as follows:
Lessee shall have complied with all of the conditions of this lease agreement. Lessee
shall clean and restore leasehold premises to its condition at the commencement of this
tenancy as evidenced by the Property Condition Report herein below, less wear and tear
from normal usage. Lessee agrees that soilage is not wear and tear from normal usage and
agrees to professionally shampoo carpets and dry-clean drapes, as part of his/her
cleaning and restoring leasehold premises to its condition at the commencement of this
tenancy, if a cleaning charge has not been paid in accordance with this lease. Lessee shall
replace or repair in a professional manner acceptable to Lessor any missing or damaged
property provided by the Lessor, including keys. Lessee shall leave, in good condition,
reasonable wear and tear excepted, all equipment, fixtures, and appliances. If occupancy
is for less than a twelve (12) month period, Lessee will be liable for the cost of any
required painting. Within thirty (30) days after the termination of the tenancy and
vacation of the leasehold premises, and restoring Lessor to possession of the premises,
the Lessor shall mail to the Lessee’s last known address a full and specific statement of
the basis for retention of any or all of the deposit, together with payment of any refund
due to the Lessee.
PREMISES USE: The premises are to be used and occupied by the Lessee as a private
dwelling only and for no other purposes, and the premises shall be occupied only by the
above listed Lessee and no part of the premises are to be subleased nor this lease assigned
by the Lessee. Leesee shall not use the premises for any business purpose including but
not limited to: garage sales.
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