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Residential Lease Agreement describes a variety of aspects of your lease arrangement in only one document. The Residential Lease Agreement signed by you and the other party can ensure either rent the property or rent it out. Idaho Residential Lease Agreement Form is a legal contract designed and intended for the lease-rental of residential real estate located in the state of Idaho.

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ALTERATIONS: Lessee shall not, without the Lessor’s prior written consent, make any
alterations in the leasehold premises, and will not intentionally or negligently destroy,
deface, impair, or remove any part of the structure or dwelling, with the appurtenances
thereto including the facilities, equipment, furniture, furnishings, and appliances, or
permit any member of his family, invitee, licensee or any person acting under his control
to do so. To do so is a Criminal Offense under the laws of the State of Washington.
LESSEE CAUSED DAMAGES: For any injury to property or rights of Lessor caused by
Lessee, his agents, family, guests, servants, assignees, undertenants, or employees which
can affect the health and safety of the Lessee or other persons, or substantially increase
the hazard of fire or accident that can be remedied by repair, replacement of a damaged
item, or cleaning, the Lessee shall comply within five (5) days after written notice by the
Lessor specifying the damage or injury, or in case of emergency as promptly as
conditions require. If the Lessee fails to remedy the damage or injury within five (5) days
(or in case of emergency, as promptly as conditions require), the Lessor may enter the
leasehold premises and cause the work to be done and submit a bill for the cost of repair
to Lessee which Lessee shall pay on the next date when periodic rent is due or payable
immediately, if Lessor so demands. All remedial action shall be performed by a qualified
and/or licensed, bonded person in a professional manner consistent with existing finish
and in quality and manner acceptable to Lessor. Any failure by the Lessee to meet the
conditions of this paragraph will constitute grounds for legal action including termination
of tenancy.
CONDUCT OF LESSEE: Lessee shall see that the conduct of himself/herself, his/her family,
invitees, guests, servants, assignees, undertenants, and employees is never disorderly,
boisterous, vulgar, offensive, or obscene; that it does not disturb or interfere with the
rights, comforts, quiet enjoyment, or convenience of other Lessees or other persons on or
around the premises, including management staff of landlord; that it is not unlawful or
immoral. Lessee shall not permit, maintain or commit a nuisance or common waste on
or about the leasehold premises. Lessee shall keep the volume of any radio, TV, or
musical instrument in his/her residence sufficiently reduced at all times so as to not
disturb or be heard by other persons on the premises, and shall not conduct or permit to
be conducted vocal or instrumental practice or instructions. The Lessee agrees that visits
by the police to premises for improper behavior are grounds for termination of tenancy
and eviction by Lessor or other legal action. Lessee, family, guests, and invitees shall not
engage in any criminal activity and/or drug related activity on or near the leasehold
premises. The parties agree that any substantial and material violation of the terms of this
paragraph shall be considered a nuisance or common waste on or about the leasehold
CONDUCT OF GUESTS: Lessee has a duty to supervise and control the conduct of Lessee’s
family, guests, invitees, employees, and agents. Violation by the Lessee, his/her family,
invitees, guests, employees, and agents of any of the terms of this lease shall be deemed
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