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Idaho Sublease Agreement Template is used when a renter rents out a premise to a new renter in the state of Idaho. This file is different from others because it includes a unique provision: the item 7- Master Lease. The sublessor is exactly the lessee of the premises by virtue of a lease which therefore is referred to as the "Master Lease". The Sublease should be at all times subordinate to the Master Lease.

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1. Parties. This Sublease, dated, for reference purposes only, ________ 20__ is made by and between
______________________________________________________ (herein called Sublessor) and
______________________________________________________ (herein called Sublessee).
2. Premises. Sublessor hereby subleases to Sublessee and Sublessee hereby subleases from Sublessor for
the term, at the rental, and upon all of the conditions set forth herein, that certain real property situated in the
County of _________________________, State of ____________________________, commonly known as
_________________________________________________________________________ and described as
Said real property, including the land and all improvements thereon, is hereinafter called the "Premises".
3. Term.
3.1 Term. The term of this Sublease shall be for __________________, commencing on ______________,
unless sooner terminated pursuant to any provision hereof.
3.2 Delay in Commencement. Notwithstanding said commencement date, if for any reason Sublessor
cannot deliver possession of the Premises to Sublessee on said date. Sublessor shall not be subject to any
liability therefore, nor shall such failure affect the validity of this Lease or the obligations of Sublessee
hereunder or extend the term hereof, but in such case Sublessee shall not be obligated to pay rent until
possession of the Premises is tendered to Sublessee; provided, however, that if Sublessor shall not have
delivered possession of the Premises within sixty (60) days from said commencement date, Sublessee may, at
Sublessee's option, by notice in writing to Sublessor within ten (10) days thereafter, cancel this Sublease, in
which event the parties shall be discharged from all obligations thereunder. If Sublessee occupies the Premises
prior to said commencement date, such occupancy shall be subject to all provisions hereof, such occupancy
shall not advance the termination date and Sublessee shall pay rent for such period at the initial monthly rates
set forth below.
4. Rent. Sublessee shall pay to Sublessor as rent for the Premises equal monthly payments of $ ___________
in advance. on the ___________ day of each month of the term hereof. Sublessee shall pay Sublessor upon
the execution hereof $ ____________ as rent for __________________________.
Rent for any period during the term hereof which is for less than one month shall be a prorata portion of the
monthly installment. Rent shall be payable in lawful money of the United States to Sublessor at the address
stated herein or to such other persons or at such other places as Sublessor may designate in writing.
5. Security Deposit. Sublessee shall deposit with Sublessor upon execution hereof $ ______________ as
security for Sublessee's faithful performance of Sublessee's obligations hereunder. If Sublessee fails to pay
rent or other charges due hereunder, or otherwise defaults with respect to any provision of this Sublease,
Sublessor, may use, apply or retain all or any portion of said deposit for the payment of any rent or other charge
in default or for the payment of any other sum to which Sublessor may become obligated by reason of
Sublessee's default, or to compensate Sublessor for any loss or damage which Sublessor may suffer thereby. If
Sublessor so uses or applies all or any portion of said deposit, Sublessee shall within ten (10) days after written
demand therefore deposit cash with Sublessor in an amount sufficient to restore said deposit to the full amount
hereinabove stated and Sublessee's failure to do so shall be a material breach of this Sublease. Sublessor shall
not be required to keep said deposit separate from its general accounts. If Sublessee performs all of
Sublessee's obligations hereunder, said deposit, or so much thereof as has not theretofore been applied by
Sublessor, shall be returned, without payment of interest or other increment for its use to Sublessee (or at
Sublessor s option, to the last assignee. if any, of Sublessee's interest hereunder) at the expiration of the term
hereof, and after Sublessee has vacated the Premises. No trust relationship is created herein between
Sublessor and Sublessee with respect to said Security Deposit.
6. Use.
6.1 Use. The Premises shall be used and occupied only for
____________________________________________________________________and for no other purpose.
Idaho Sublease Agreement Template
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