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The undersigned, Affiants, ________________________, of the City of ________________
, County of
_____________, and State of Illinois, in consideration of TEN and 00/100 dollars, receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged, do hereby sell, assign, transfer, and set over to Buyers, _______________________________, the
following described personal property to wit:
All items of personal property listed on the Multiboard Residential Real Estate Contract 5.0 dated _____________
(the "Property")
Seller hereby represents and warrants to Buyers that Seller is the absolute owner of said Property, that said Property is
free and clear of all liens, charges and encumbrances, and that Seller has full right, power and authority to sell said
personal property and to make this Bill of Sale. All warranties of quality, fitness, and merchantability are hereby
If this bill of sale is signed by more than one person, all persons so signing shall be jointly and severally bound
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has signed this Bill of Sale at Crystal Lake, Illinois, on ________________
State of Illinois
County of _______
SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to me on _________________
(Impress Seal Here)
(Notary Public)
My commission expires:
Illinois Personal Property Bill of Sale Form
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